Sceptre Medical
Single Lumen Hemodialysis Catheters
  • Soft Tip reduces trauma to vessel wall upon introduction and on-site.
  • Heparin Cap is anti-microbial & specially-designed to help avoid infection.
  • Suture Wing are rotating type to provides secure external anchoring.
  • Lumen is of sufficiently thick radiopaque material to ensure correct placement of catheter when visualized under x-ray.
  • Biocompatible Polyurethane material tested for toxicity and hemocompatible i.e., it gets softer at temperature.
Product Details
Product Code Size Standard Packing Box/Carton Dimensions Box/Carton
301.A111DG 7.0Fr (14G) x 13.0 25/250 110x110x350mm/570x360x270mm
301.A111DJ 7.0Fr (14G) x 14.0 25/250 110x110x350mm/570x360x270mm
301.A111EG 8.0Fr (13G) x 13.0 25/250 110x110x350mm/570x360x270mm
301.A111EJ 8.0Fr (13G) x 14.0 25/250 110x110x350mm/570x360x270mm
301.A111GG 9.0Fr (12G) x 13.0 25/250 110x110x350mm/570x360x270mm
301.A111GJ 9.0Fr (12G) x 14.0 25/250 110x110x350mm/570x360x270mm

Note: Single Lumen Hemodialysis (Femoral) Catheter are also available with following components.

  1. Dilator
  2. Guidewire
  3. Introducer Needle

“Catheters and other key components are developed based on research done in USA, TAIWAN & PRC”

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